The world of Text Fitness Functions

In the popular trope of hacker movies, there is sometimes an encrypted text that needs to be decrypted to save the day. …

It is often the case that you hear an excellent lecture or speech or something on YouTube and want to preserve the statements, or text. Video being what it is, it is pretty hard. …

Wikipedia defines the EVMS as

Earned value management (EVM), earned value project management, or earned value performance management (EVPM) is a project management technique for measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner.

The wiki page is chock full of details, that you should read. However, this article is…

Following up on the post modelling-disease-spread-using-a-logistic-model-in-python, let us see if the general form fits the data from a country like China.

General form and curve

The general form of a logistic curve is defined as a parametric equation of the following form.

The four determining parameters of the equation are L, k, x0 and…

Continuing from the article here, let us try to predict the future.

Based on the data grabbed from the html on the respective country pages on the website, we would like to know the curve of best fit and extrapolate to the future. Let us see how that works:

Worldometer is an excellent resource for tracking the current COVID pandemic. However, it does not make it easy to see the country wise trends compared to each other. Here is an attempt to do just that, using the excellent requests library in Python.

It turns out that the relevant data…

Simplified epidemic model of COVID 19

The infections on day n+1 are calculated as

N_d is the current infected population, pop is the total susceptible population, E is the Number of people exposed to an infected person per day and p
is the probablity that an exposed person catches on the disease.

The (1-N_d/pop) factor indicates…

One of my friends has a web development shop. As a part of their offerings, they offer custom website development at all price points and hosted on all kinds of servers- ranging from shared hosting providers, to VPS’s to major cloud services such as AWS or Azure. …

We often lament that big technological and scientific breakthroughs do not come often enough from non-western societies; India being a case in point. China has started being an exception (which is an evidence in favour of my hypothesis, as you would see). The data, no matter how you measure and…

I had a chance to address a gathering of about 150 “soon to graduate” engineering students a few months back. Here are my speech notes:


Transcribed and lightly edited:

Long term

1. Engineering is not domain specific and cannot directly teach you to do a job, and there is a…

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